Makerspace on Fridays

Makerspace integrates online tools for design collaboration with low-cost op...


High School

Monday - Thursday 5:00-7:00pm Our high school programs train stud...



Marinovators, is a term created by Clubhouse members to represent the in...


Young Makers

January - May Mondays Thursdays 3:30-5pm Saturdays...

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 School-to-Career DIY Engineer Interns designed, programmed and built arcade games for solving global warming. Saving polar bears, reducing our carbon footprint and restoring the ozone layers were game themes. 

Next session begins on February 6th. We're building RUBE GOLDBERG machines to build a new world order for the Internet of Things (IOT).



















Media Production

Video interns 

DIY VIDEO INTERNS received hands-on training using video equipment and editing
software. With these skills, they filmed the Mill Valley Film Festival and Bioneers for our
Whatsup! youth lifestye show on Channel 26 on Public Access TV.

Next session begins February 6th. We'll be making a youtube channel for youth expression.


Winter Workshops


We held a doodlebot workshop at the Marin County Library at the Civic Center.
Stay tuned for more library workshops.


1115 Third Street     San Rafael, CA 94901          (415) 459-6884